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Whether you are purchasing a home, getting ready to sell or simply need to know where your home requires maintenance, PI Unlimited can help. It is important to spend time with our clients during the inspection to show first hand any issues that have been found. We explain how to deal with these issues, as well as point out the functional features of the home. Using a customizable reporting system allows us to give you the most detailed report, including photos to assist you in prioritizing items of the home.

WETT Inspections

Wood burning appliance inspections are needed in some homes for insurance purposes or simply peace of mind that a wood burning system is installed correctly. Lee Ralph has been offering Level 1 WETT inspections in Ottawa area for over 7 years and stays current with changes to codes and standards. We provide our clients with an easy to understand report including photos. This assists in repairs or adjustments pertaining to the equipment. Safety is always our number one concern when inspecting wood burning appliances.

Other Services Offered

Thermal Imaging
Roof Inspections
Major Systems Inspections